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The development and delivery of technology-leveraged training is fundamental to the growth and retention of a skilled workforce. The shortage of capable workers is driving businesses—small and large—to focus training efforts on retaining their existing workforce. To do that, managers are evaluating their workplace environments and developing training and education strategies to meet the needs of their generationally diverse workforce. In all, a skilled workforce is essential to safe, productive, and sustainable activities required in any industry.

HighGround offers a range of learning solutions focused on customer needs in training and education. Our executive management team are highly adaptive professionals who have relevant experience with modernization processes, doctrine development, lessons learned processes, and training functions across the training domains.

Our disciplined and analytical approaches (such as the systems approach to training) combined with connections to university level educators and specialized training companies enable fully integrated customer focused learning solutions.

Our custom learning solutions focus on "Growing Employees for the Long-Term."  HighGround encourages the development of effective learning programs that include upfront instructional system analysis and curriculum development.  HighGround's solutions focus on outcome-based training with long-term nested strategies. We offer learning solutions with integrated feedback mechanisms while leveraging technology to minimize resources and align with industry driven goals by employee skill-sets.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Management of Continuing Education services.
  • Educator / Instructor staffing.
  • Doctrine development.
  • Computer--clinical systems--training.
  • Linkages to medical simulations and simulations training.
  • Linkages to web-based course development (such as continuing medical education and medical coding).

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