Quality Management

Quality Management


HighGround uses a procedural based quality control process focused on ensuring our performance meets established goals; identifies conformance concerns early, before they become problematic, and provides methods of ensuring continual improvement. Our quality control process provides both performance control and support to customer and corporate partner quality assurance processes. In its essence, our quality control process is performance management through precise definition of the work to be done, collection of critical performance information, analysis of results, and implementation of solutions that maximize the performance of every individual on the team while ensuring superior outcomes. 

Customer satisfaction (measured through customer surveys) is the most significant external indicator of the success and effectiveness of all the products and services we provide.
  The ability to make decisions based on the analysis of performance data provides the cornerstone of effective performance management which in turn builds a foundation of customer satisfaction.

HighGround's quality control process serves as the procedural framework for our responsive approach in the delivery of quality customer support.

Methods for Identifying and Preventing Deficiencies

HighGround's primary inspection procedures include methods for identifying and preventing deficiencies in the quality of service performance.  Our surveillance methods are linked to implementation of controls which identify and track measures of performance while helping determine ways to improve.  Examples include:

  • Inspection and audits.
  • Reporting of performance results.
  • Customer feedback.
  • Trend analysis.
  • Review of incident reports and lessons.
  • Use of continuous improvement project logs.

Metrics--to include overseeing, recording, and reviewing--are key to quality control.  HighGround uses a systematic approach to metrics analysis.  Our problem solving method is a relationship thought process deeply embedded in an attitude of critical thinking. Development and analysis of metrics and performance measures is designed to clearly explain the cause-and-effect between inputs, outputs, and outcomes.

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