What Makes Us Different

What Makes HighGround Different

HighGround Technologies, Inc. manages information systems comprised of any combination of information technology and workforce activities using technology to support operations, management, and decision-making. HighGround offers management solutions across needs in information technology, training and education, and professional support. Our disciplined and analytical management and problem solving approaches combined with connections to university level educators and professionals enable fully integrated solutions.

Our executive management team consists of adaptive professionals who have relevant experience in organizational leadership, management, and planning with extensive results in analysis, complex problem solving, and achievement of goals and objectives. Our management solutions target the "voice of the customer" by understanding customer needs, gaining customer feedback, and meeting customer stated and unstated requirements.


HighGround is committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence and delivery of quality products and services.  We apply proven process-based methods for all products and services we provide and seek to continually improve on the effectiveness of our quality management system. Our proven process consists of:

  • Plan - we establish the objectives and processes necessary to deliver the results in accordance with customer requirements--voice of the customer--and the organization's policies.

  • Do - we implement the processes, ensuring positive results and customer satisfaction.
  • Check - we monitor and measure processes and products against policies, objectives, and requirements for the product or service and report the results.
  • Improve - we take actions to continually improve the process performance and guarantee results.

Our total quality commitment provides our customers and corporate partners with:

  • Quality products the first time.

  • Standardized practices.
  • Continuous process improvement.

Processes and Systems Synchronized
Employees Empowered to Reach their Fullest Capacity
Management Solutions that are Simple, Flexible, Visible and Responsive

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